Q. Can I buy my granite from you?

A. Yes. We can supply your granite. See our samples page for more information.

Q. Why should I buy my granite from Online Granite Worktops and not from another company?

A. We only sell Super Premium, Premium and Mid range Granites. Some companies are selling so called "Granite" which is poor quality which has only had a 3 stage polish and a lacquer finish. The Granite you buy from us is Granite which has had a 9 way water polish and without the use of lacquers to achieve its superior shine and finish.

Q. Do I have to buy my granite from you?

A. No. You Can buy your granite from wherever you like. We will only charge for the installation.

Q. Do you supply splash backs and up-stands?

A. Yes we do supply both of these which are available in the same colours as your work tops.

Q. If I ask for black granite, am I going to get black granite?

A. If you request black granite you will get a black granite. We are not like a lot of our competitors who will quote you for a deep black granite and supply you with a half black half grey granite of a lower quality/price. You get exactly what you ask for.

Q. Do you do under mounted sinks with drainer grooves?

A. Yes. We can do all styles of sinks including drainer grooves and accessories.

Q. Do you template before installing?

A. Yes we can do templating although this is not always necessary. Where templating can be avoided we will, this is to reduce the costs passed on to you the customer. We can even do the polished sink cut outs on site to a very high standard.

Q. Do you need to make a template for my over mounted sink?

A. No. We will cut out for your sink or hob on installation.

Q. What are the payment terms?

A. You can pay by credit, debit card or cash. Payment is in full upon completion. *Please note that we do not take AMEX.*

Q. I have had my granite fitted by another company and they have made a real mess of it, would you be able to fix this for me?

A. We would be more than happy to help you, contact us for more information.

Q. I have more than one kitchen on site, would you be able to do this for me?

A. We can undertake many kitchens at once, we are very flexible and can accommodate numerous kitchens on one site.

Q. I have bought my granite with my kitchen and had a quote for fitting, would you be able to beat their quote?

A. Contact us and let us have a copy of the quote, we should be able to beat it for you.

Q. I have had another quote from another company, are you able to beat their quote?

A. Again let us have a copy of the quote, and if the granite is of the same grade/quality we should be able to beat it.